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Pre-release Inside the institutions

  • Workshops and individual assessments conducted inside the Prisons, Institutions, Organizations and Programs to develop a service plan to meet the need and build on the strength of the client preparing for "Thexoffender Re-entry Program".

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Re-entry Outside of the Institutions

  • Mentors (life-style coach) are trained from the Families and Church memberships to provide an on going support systems for the development of positive decisions made by thexoffender.

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Retention Family, Church, Community

  • The trained mentors become the references to the community, (shelter providers, work opportunities, families and others...) in supporting the new believer's development of a healthy physical, mental, social and spiritual life-style. The focused ministries of to retain the won into a new lifestyle and belief system.

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The Vision

The Vision

I was only 12 years old when I realized something special was taking place in my life. A lot of my young life was spent day-dreaming, reality was much harder to accept. Because of poverty, being fatherless, and having severe headaches, I spent a great part of my young life, in solitude to avoid stressful situations.

One late afternoon while sitting alone in the woods near my home, I saw a future event in a vision. In this vision I saw myself traveling the world. It was as clear as watching a big screen color television. In my travels I gained a substance. I saw myself as an eagle flying in the midst of eagles. All of my life experience in this vision, was to be shared with my brothers and sisters.


Video Chaplain Tony Hall